Live Aktions


Darkness Descends: A Post Industrial Gathering
June 16, 2018
Cleveland, OH
w/ Theologian, Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed, Compactor, Shock Frontier, Vitriol Gauge, Abjection Ritual, Cunting Daughters and Murderous Vision.
(note: this event is sold out – the venue has a limited capacity, if any tickets are freed up the will be available at the door on the day of the show)

March 10, 2006
New Paltz, NY
w/ Malakoi, Dead Fucking Baby, The Opal Ovals, more

March 20, 2006
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Bloodyminded, Bereft, Shallow Waters

April 1, 2006
Lowell, MA @ RRRecords
w/ Pine Tree State Mind Control, Karlheinz, Four Way Anal Touch Fight, Massdirge

April 8, 2006
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Pleasurehorse, Nau-Zee-auN, Shallow Waters, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Massdirge

August 20, 2006
Providence, RI @ Redrum
w/ Medhammer, Shallow Waters, The Set of Red Things, Halflings

October 20, 2006
Bristol, CT @ some VFW hall
w/ Black.Eyed.Beauty, Sanitary Refuse, more

December 29, 2006
New York, NY, Helllab 4 @ Chasama
w/ Terrorfakt, Jared Louche, Hansel, Operation:Mindwipe, Tonikom, more

April 9, 2007
Montreal, QC, CAN, C.O.M.A. 4
w/ The [law-rah] Collective, Bereft, Mlada Fronta, Scrap.edx, more

April 13, 2007
New York, NY, Helllab 5 @ Chasama
w/David Linton, Darryl Hell, Cenotype, more

June 28, 2007
Providence, RI, WBSR Radio

July 13, 2007
Providence, RI, Thunderdome Noise Weekend II @ Thunderdome
w/PTSMC, Pleasurehorse, Waterdogs, Sharpwaist, more

August 25, 2007
Boston, MA, Private Show
w/ Deftly-D

May 10th, 2008
Buffalo, NY
w/ Black Bloc, Nau-Zee-auN, Negative Time, GreggreG 2000, more

July 19, 2008
Boston, MA, Private Show
w/ Nau-Zee-auN, November 14, more

August 8th, 2008
Providence, RI @ Thunderdome
Thunderdome Noise Weekend w/ Cathode Terror Secretion, Halflings, Shallow Waters, Sharpwaist, more

July 21, 2009
Boston, MA @ O’Briens
w/ Neckhold, Sharpwaist, Karlheinz, Double Awake

July 25, 2009
Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
Dead Audio Fest w/Black Leather Jesus, RU-486, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Churner, Steelhook Prostheses, Awen, Concrete Violin, more

October 17, 2009
Montreal, QC, CAN
w/ Cloudscapes, The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Pine Tree State Mind Control

November 8, 2009
Boston, MA @ O’Briens
Second Annual NEPE&N Fest w/ Consumer Electronics,, Bloodyminded, Theologian, Suffering Bastard, more

November 14, 2009
Brooklyn, NY, Apex Fest III
w/ Aderlating,, Theologian, Corephallism, Gnaw, Hecate, Sewer Goddess, Unearthly Trance, Xiphoid Dementia, more

March 11, 2010
Boston MA, Private Show
w/ Pleasurehorse, Massdirge, November 14, Xiphoid Dementia, more

May 10, 2010
Boston, MA, Voidstar Productions Multimedia Circus @ Somerville Armory
w/ Orgy of Noise, The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, Nau-Zee-auN, Empire S.N.A.F.U., more

June 12, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
w/Gaybomb, Nowagehillbilly, Graffiti Monsters, Decapitated Hed

June 13, 2010
Philadelphia, PA
w/Two Years on Welfare, Panther Modern, Piles., Tinnitusstimulus

June 14, 2010
Cleveland, OH @ Bela Dubby
w/ Nyodene D, Murderous Vision

June 15, 2010
Chicago, IL @ The Black Box Theatre
w/ Grainbelt, Gnawed, Is, Custodian, Fatale, PTM

June 16, 2010
Milwaukee, WI @ The Borg Ward
w/ xAllxForxThisx, Death Jenk, Bored Straight, PTM

June 18, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
w/ The Three Brained Robot, Yohimbe/Quiokn, RJ Myato

June 19, 2010
Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
w/ Pacing, Death’s Black Hand, Self Perception Theory

June 20, 2010
Salem, MA
w/ Xiphoid Dementia, Sewer Goddess, DJ Peter Lee

June 29, 2010
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Bastard Noise, The Body

October 16, 2010
Everett, MA
w/ Ukuphambana, Radioactive Prostitute, Abnegate

November 4, 2010
Providence, RI @ Building 19
w/ Funerary Call, Xiphoid Dementia, Dave Public, Corephallism, Audio.Slab

November 13, 2010
Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
Dead Audio Festival w/ RU-486, Concrete Violin, Priest in Shit, Bereft, Steelhook Prostheses, Awen, Immaculate:Grotesque, more

November 20, 2010
Boston, MA (live collaboration w/ Theologian) @ Starlab
w/ Author+Punisher, Batillus, Master of Pussy, Bereft

November 27, 2010
Brooklyn, NY (live collaboration w/Theologian) @ The Acheron
w/ Controlled Bleeding, Author+Punisher, Batillus, Rise of Because

February 3, 2011
Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron
w/ Occult Blood, Ivens, Lussuria

June 9, 2011
Boston, MA @ Starlab
w/ Black Leather Jesus, Skonhet, Ascities, Hierchiss, RU-486, Vehement Carress

June 17, 2011
Cleveland, OH, Live Bait Recording Foundation 15th Anniversary @ Bela Dubby
w/ Murderous Vision, Cunting Daughters, Ebola is the Savior, Hell’s Bastards, Nyodene D, Rabid Bat Sabbath

June 18, 2011
Cleveland, OH @ The 71st Door
w/ Black Bloc, Sunsplitter, Bridesmaid, Fascist Insect

June 22, 2011
Providence, RI @ Castlevania
w/ Pusdrainer, Pacing, Weak Sisters, Work/Death, Noose

October 27, 2011
Boston, MA
w/ Xiphoid Dementia, Reviver, Xela, Zerfallt

November 19, 2011
Providence, RI @ Castlevania
In Limbo Noise Festival w/ Sharpwaist, Shallow Waters, Noise Nomads, Shawn Greenlee, Zerfallt, more

December 4, 2011
Brooklyn, NY
Apex Fest IV w/ Nyodene D, Requiem, Planning for Burial, You., more

December 21, 2011
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Pisspot, Severed Hands, People of Color

January 7, 2012
Boston, MA @ Starlab
w/ Heavy Breathing, Klit, Corpuscle, Ichorous

February 7, 2012
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Dead Boomers, Sharpwaist, Work/Death

May 30, 2012
Boston, MA @ Starlab
w/ Machismo, Hate Basement, Bombings, Permanent Waves

July 20, 2012
Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Summer Scum Noise Fest
w/Gnawed, Shattered Hymen, Machismo, Plague Mother, Custodian, more

September 28, 2012
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Kintaan, Woozy, Olde Growth, Tovarish

November 4, 2012
Providence, RI @ Simon’s 667
Voidstar Halloween Industrial Fest w/ Controlled Bleeding, Mark Hosler, Dead Voices on Air, Author & Punisher, Rapoon, Reformed Faction, more

April 8, 2013
Newton, MA
Live on WZBC (The Return of the High Voltage Circumcision Show)
listen here:

April 20, 2013
Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
w/ A Murder of Angels, Iron Forest, The [law-rah] Collective, En Nihil

April 22, 2013
Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat
w/ Swollen Organs, TELOAHQAAL, The Bird Cage Theater, Beta Cloud, En Nihil

May 18, 2013
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Tovarish, Sea of Bones, Traces of Empire

July 2, 2013
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Insect Ark, Sects

July 16, 2013
Somerville, MA @ Radio
“An Occasion For Death” CD Release Party
w/ Being, Breaking the Will, Brad Griggs, Hostage Pageant, Corpuscle, Interracial Sex

October 5, 2013
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Abstinence, Neptune, Controlled Bleeding, Raab Codec

November 30, 2013
Baltimore, MD
“Baltimore Filth Fest II”
w/ T.O.M.B., Worms of the Earth, Immortal Jellyfish, Seaton XOXO, Mycondis

December 14, 2013
Providence, RI @ Dusk
w/ Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Whorid, Kintaan, Allergen

January 17, 2014
Providence, RI @ Black Box
w/ Insect Ark, Tovarish, Queen Elephantine, Yoshiko Ohara

April 26, 2014
Providence, RI @ Black Box
w/ Darsombra, LVMMVX, Parasomniak Lustt, Queen Elephantine

August 2, 2014
Boston, MA @ The Eternal Sword of Being
w/ Murderous Vision, Pauline Lombardo, Power Monster

September 21, 2014
Providence, RI @ Dusk
w/ MK9, Kintaan, Power Monster

October 17, 2014
Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
w/ Brighter Death Now, raison detre, Deutsch Nepal, Bocksholm, Post Scriptvm, Nurture Abuse, Sewer Goddess

March 25, 2015
Providence, RI @ Black Box
w/ Cyst, LVMMVX, Gyna Bootleg

April 25, 2015
Providence, RI @ Dusk
w/ Sewer Goddess, Eternal Khan, Tovarish

May 16, 2015
Portland, ME @ Geno’s
w/ Churchburn, Sylvia, Shabti

June 16, 2015
Cleveland, OH @ Rare Books
w/ Shock Frontier, Skin Graft and Nyodene D

June 17, 2015
Dayton, OH @ Smiles 4 Miles
w/ Inbreeder, John Madigan Maloney

June 18, 2015
Chicago, IL @ Club Rectum
w/ Clotting, Schiermann

June 19 + 20, 2015
Minneapolis, MN @ Secret Service
Minneapolis Industrial Noise Festival
w/ Gnawed, Of Earth and Sun, Anal Hearse, Ligature Impression, Murderous Vision, Apocryphos, Xiphoid Dementia, more

August 11, 2015
Providence, RI @ Aurora
w/ Darsombra, Lvmmvx, Woozy

October 2-4, 2015
Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall & The Middle East
Voidstar Productions 25 Year Anniversary Festival
w/ Author & Punisher, Theologian, End.User, Statiqbloom, Compactor, Tonikom, more

October 10, 2015
Providence, RI @ AS220
w/ Of Earth And Sun, Power Monster, FRKSE

October 13, 2015
Providence, RI @ Aurora
w/ Sugar_Pie (collaboration set), Plack Blague, Sire, Craow

December 8, 2015
Providence, RI @ Dusk
w/ Gnawed, Velvet Curtain, Kintaan, Deterge, Vehement Caress

April 16, 2016
Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo
w/ Pine Tree State Mind Control, Un Regard Froid, Evoked Response

July 8, 2016
Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
SWAMP ASS: A Celebration of Filth
w/ FxxMaLe, Frankie Symonds, Birdlady, Gyna Bootleg

August 21, 2016
Providence, RI @ Aurora
w/ Reverse Engineering, Droplet, Kylie Why, The Opened Book

November 4, 2016
Pawtucket, RI @ Machines With Magnets
Collaboration set w/ Theologian
w/ Queen Elephantine, Kintaan, Sewer Goddess

April 1, 2017
Queens, NY @ Knockdown Center
NO WORKERS PARADISE release show w/ Gnawed, Existence in Decline, Compactor, Work/Death

June 19, 2017
Woonsocket, RI @ Hex Moda
w/ Creeping, Heat Death, FxxMaLe


2 Responses to “Live Aktions”

  1. Holy shit, that set in Cleveland. Okay, granted, I haven’t seen you live in five (six?) years, but jesus christ. I loved your stuff before, but WOW.
    (And the tour tape is an ear-burner. Well played indeed, sir.)
    If I don’t make it to that Boston gig in October, I may have to sacrifice someone on a homemade altar. Damn, that’s a lineup! (And I have never seen A&P live, much to my dismay…)

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