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Preliminary research & recording for the sixth full length album has begun.
Shooting for a late 2018 release. No promises.
Label announcement when appropriate.

Sign up for the mailing list here:



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I made a mailing list. You can sign up for it below. I won’t bother you that much, I swear. Stay relatively up to date regarding new releases, live performances, and news about related projects.




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“Meditations On Giving Up Completely” is available now from Malignant Records, CD and digital. Full reviews can be found in the narcissism section.

I am currently finishing up a 40-ish minute cassette release for Smrt Productions; although it is still untitled, it should be considered something of an extension of the “Meditations..” album. Five tracks, all of which were recorded during the “Meditations..” sessions but went unused due to my not wanting to release an 80 minute album.. I’ve found it’s better to take these things in smaller doses.

Following that, I will resume work on a CD release for Death Continues Records.

After the completion of that CD, I will begin anew. I’m eager to shed the material I’ve been toiling over for the past year; I haven’t started fresh– building brand new material from the ground up– in quite a while.

There are currently no live shows scheduled; if you’re interested in getting me somewhere, email thevomitarsonist (AT) gmail (dot) com with the subject “BOOKING” and we’ll talk.



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“Meditations on Giving Up Completely” will be released on Friday, April 28 on Malignant Records. You can listen to excerpts here: — the first review is here, courtesy of Archaic Triad — here’s a brief glimpse of what they had to say:

“This is not an album for everyone, despite its brilliant construction and violently pursued goal of not affirming life in any way what so ever. To the many fans of extreme music that might enjoy listening to someone who clearly does not enjoy that much at all, making this fact very clear through music, The Vomit Arsonist’s latest effort is a clear 10/10. Had this album lived up any more to its title, it would simply never have been made.”

I have no live performances lined up in any capacity. The only thing I had booked this year (besides the NO WORKERS PARADISE release show earlier this month) was APEX XX, which has been cancelled. Feel free to reach out if you want to see me somewhere.

Work has begun on a couple new releases; a tape for Smrt Productions which will be a kind of extension of “Meditations…,” and a CD for a UK label that is shaping up to be far more aggressive and simplistic than most of my recent output. That could change at any second.

And after that, I got nothing.


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Malignant Records is now streaming “Sick Over Trying,” the final track from “Meditations on Giving Up Completely,” due out May 12th.


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been a while.  been busy.  finished an album.  working on collabs & comp tracks & short run tape releases.  new album art below.  more news later.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.04.11 PM.png
“Meditations On Giving Up Completely”
Malignant Records – April/May 2017