“Meditations On Giving Up Completely” is available now from Malignant Records, CD and digital. Full reviews can be found in the narcissism section.

I am currently finishing up a 40-ish minute cassette release for Smrt Productions; although it is still untitled, it should be considered something of an extension of the “Meditations..” album. Five tracks, all of which were recorded during the “Meditations..” sessions but went unused due to my not wanting to release an 80 minute album.. I’ve found it’s better to take these things in smaller doses.

Following that, I will resume work on a CD release for Death Continues Records.

After the completion of that CD, I will begin anew. I’m eager to shed the material I’ve been toiling over for the past year; I haven’t started fresh– building brand new material from the ground up– in quite a while.

There are currently no live shows scheduled; if you’re interested in getting me somewhere, email thevomitarsonist (AT) gmail (dot) com with the subject “BOOKING” and we’ll talk.



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