It’s been a little bit since I put anything on here, so … guess I probably should. 

A bunch of new reviews for “An Occasion For Death” have been posted in the review section.  Copies of the album are still available from Malignant Records, Danvers State Recordings, and just about any other industrial distro you can think of across the globe.  Additionally, the album is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon … so you can do the digital download thing now, if you’re into that.

The limited edition split 7″ with REGOSPHERE is sold out (it sold out in less than two hours, actually) — but the regular edition is still available.  Get it HERE.

Sometime in December, I think, the Serbian Industrial/Noise/PE publication PURE NOTHING WORSHIP will feature a relatively extensive interview with myself, as well as a review of “An Occasion For Death” and several Danvers State Recordings titles.  This is the second issue of the magazine.  I have the first; it’s quite good.  It pleases me to see print publications for our little corner of the music world coming back into the fold… 

Upcoming live actions:
11/30/13 – Baltimore, MD w/ T.O.M.B. & others TBA
12/14/13 – Somerville, MA w/ BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER, WHORID, & others TBA

Until next time….



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