– the final master for “GO WITHOUT” is in my hands.  massive respect goes out to j.stillings/STEELHOOK PROSTHESES for doing such an amazing job with the mastering.  it’s desolate, cold, and heavier than a death in the family.

– i’ve been in contact with L.WHITE RECORDS, and the “US BESTIAL FORCES” compilation should be out in the next couple of months.  3xCD in a digipack, ltd. to 500 copies.  artists include MANIA, STEELHOOK PROSTHESES, GNAWED, RICHARD RAMIREZ, MURDEROUS VISION, RU-486, BEREFT, PHARMAKON, SLOGUN, NYODENE D, CUSTODIAN and a ton more.  50 bands in total, all US PE.  this is one you don’t want to miss.

– one very special live performance coming up: HORROR SOUNDS — some of the finest local industrial acts new england has to offer will be re-scoring their favorite horror films….

 facebook event page
artist & event info @ existence establishment


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