the title for the full length has been changed to “GO WITHOUT” due to “ANHEDONIA” being apparently all too common of a word.  thanks to my good friend aaron vilk of Nyodene D for pointing out the most obvious title to me.

the album needs a few minor mixing issues fixed, but other than that, it’s DONE.  finally.  this one took a lot out of me in every possible way..
what to expect: the most rhythmic thing i’ve ever done.  i’m straying further and further away from noise and heading more in the direction of early CMI worship.  here’s what a friend who’s heard the album had to say…

“The first 3 tracks do their job at gaining your attention. 4 and 5 bring you down a notch and keep you in reality.  Track 6 starts a major spiral toward self loathing (which is obviously the theme, and it plays out nicely throughout).  Track 7 is simply suicide. The last 5 minutes are just painful. Brilliant!”

i actually just spoke with the label and it looks like the CD will be out in or around july 2011.


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