much to my dismay, i have to cancel my appearance at A/V/B in cleveland, OH. i’m extremely disappointed by this, but unfortunately, it’s beyond my control. life happens sometimes. and it sucks. however, i WILL come back to cleveland later this year, as it’s easily one of my favorite places to play. and now i owe all you cleveland fucks a show.


the still-untitled full length is coming along nicely; i’d say it’s about half done. pure industrial terror.

also in the works is a track for the L.white records compilation “US BESTIAL FORCES,” as well as some material for a 2xCS split with CONTENT NULLITY, DETERGE and NYODENE D.

a friend of mine is printing up some patches for THE VOMIT ARSONIST. so you can, you know, sew them to stuff. i’m also hoping to get some new shirts printed soon-ish, if i can figure out a fucking design.

more news when there is some.


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