in lieu of actually coding a website (or even hiring someone to do so), i’m giving the wordpress thing a shot.  i’d like to eventually phase out myspace as my “official website,” as it’s annoying, shitty and awful.

i’m not sure how this will all work…  i don’t know what i’ll post, when i’ll post, or how often.  for all i know, future posts may consist of me getting drunk and ranting about why i hate X, Y and/or Z.  discussion/news about music & shows may or may not be mentioned.  who knows.  maybe i’ll actually talk about something of worth.  and maybe, just maybe– someone will stop by and read it.

i’m on soundcloud as of yesterday.  two tracks are up, one called “choke,” from my tour only CD-R, and one live set from a few weeks ago.  check it and add me or follow or do whatever it is that you do.

check the live actions section for a few gigs i have coming up this month.


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